mutilaudio logo
by Keith Karraker
Photomontage by Keith Karraker

MUTILAUDIO: Digital audio art using speech
and/or music as raw materials

MUTILAUDIO is an appropriative art form, using existing recordings as source materials. The tradition goes back centuries in various media, but the technological advances of the modern age have opened vast new realms. David Gans started creating these works in 1985, using analog tape in various formats; since December 1992 he has been using a Sonic Studio digital audio workstation, which has greatly expanded the creative possibilities.

Skelvis 4:14
Pat Bucancer :34

Thank You, Mystic
Windshield 4:00

Newtilaudio 2:47
State of the Union '95 2:09
State of the Union '86/'96 10:29
New Year's Eve 1986
Preachin' 1:34
Caspar 2:49



About MUTILAUDIO and related art forms:

  • The Man Who Stole Michael Jackson's Face – profile (by David Gans) of John Oswald, whose plunderphonics raise intellectual-property questions in a most entertaining way. Wired magazine (3.02), February 1995.