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Hyperactive-> In Another World • Lazy River Road • Waltzing Across Texas
Pancho and Lefty-> Leave Me • Blue Roses • Down to Eugene
High Guy • Terrapin Station-> River and Drown-> The Minstrel
An American Family • Who Killed Uncle John? • Rubin and Cherise->
Autumn Day • Trying • Sovereign Soul-> Thunder Road

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From the liner notes by Barry Smolin:

Set a spell and lend your ears to a captivating storyteller.

"I'm the hero of my movie just like you must be in yours," sings Gans in his moving portrait "An American Family," signaling the universality of his themes, particularly that of the heroic outsider. The Gans pantheon is populated by a wide variety of character types, all of whom share in common a longing for some kind of honest connection to other human beings.

In a voice that communicates at once the bliss and the heartache of being alive in the world, David Gans croons like the warmest invitation, like a soulful bear hug, but with a sardonic edge at times and the unmistakably wry gleam of the trickster. Swift with allusions and wordplay yet always heartfelt and real, David doesn't need to hide behind irony. He's not afraid to say "I love you" and mean it. "Looking for a melody to sing a simple song... I find my inspiration where it's been all along," he sings as a kind of invocation of the muse, a dedication to straightforward communication and the revelation of the familiar.

Produced by Bill Bradt
Cameras, editing, graphics: Ken Eberhard
Sound recorded by Charlie Miller, Richard Fisher, & Terry Keady
Still photos by John Werner

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