"Monica Lewinsky"

Cover art ©1998 by Janey Fritsche 
Monica Lewinsky catapulted to glory by indiscreet indiscretion. We were wondering about her because we couldn't get away from her. She was everywhere. But what is Monica? Who is Monica? An ominous media omnipotent or good girl done wrong? Suspend your judgment, if you will - until you've heard the song David Gans made about America's most notorious (for the moment) brunette. David Gans - singer, songwriter, journalist and broadcaster - has not grown so weary of the world as to ignore its curiosities. Listen to Monica. Love Monica. It takes a strong person to resist her. Could Bill? Can you?

"Starr has hitched his wagon to you"

San Francisco Examiner feature by Cynthia Robins July 8, 1998

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"With its gently satirical lyrics engaged in a menage a trois with an infuriatingly catchy melody and a faintly Grateful Dead-like loping rhythm, "Monica Lewinsky" is the perfect, breezy folk-rock anthem for a Santa Monica Summer." - Derk Richardson, The Gate

"...infectious country-rock groove..." - Stamford Advocate

A new EP by David Gans and the Broken Angels
David Gans - vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Jennifer Jolly - piano, vocals
Steve Ramirez - bass
Clayton Call - drums

 Also featuring "Travelin' Man," from Home By Morning - David Gans and Eric Rawlins 

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